MezMirage   Kinetic Sculptures

with over 5 Million Moving Parts!

Airflow Kinetics, LLC. designs, creates, and markets medium and large scale colorful MezMirage    kinetic sculptures using airflow and literally millions of small polystyrene spheres to create truly mesmerizing art installations. These amazing airflow sculptures combine art and the science of fluid dynamics and flow visualization to create a wide variety of effects all in one device including fire, snow, boiling magma, bubbles in water, smoke, fountains, and more. Reach out today  for more information about acquiring or exhibiting one of these unique custom made creations in your own facility, office, lobby, or venue.




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20 inch tall former home version displayed at the MIT Museum





Airflow Kinetics was founded by Gordon Sharp in 2018 in order to pursue a long held dream of making large scale airflow based kinetic sculptures.  He created his first Kinetic Airflow Sculpture, when he was a MIT student taking a visual art and technology course. 


Bitten by the entrepreneurial bug, Gordon patented & licensed this early unit to a Colorado company who marketed a 20" tall unit for home use. The Cascade Light as it was named was popular but too expensive for the home market at that time and was discontinued by the manufacturer.

Gordon went on to found 2 successful companies that control building airflow to save energy & improve air quality, Phoenix Controls that was sold to Honeywell and then Aircuity, Inc. where Gordon also works today. These two company's products are now saving over $2.5 Billion annually in building energy use and also helping to improve indoor air quality. Aircuity’s solutions in particular have benefited many hundred's of organizations around the world such as Google, Amazon, the University of Pennsylvania,  Cambridge University, Eli Lilly, the Bank of America, and the Grand Mosque in Mecca.

Gordon's interest in creating Kinetic Airflow Sculptures was rekindled when the MIT Museum “rediscovered” one of these early home units in 2013 & put it on display for several years. Finally in early 2018 Gordon, with help and encouragement from the MIT Museum and other members of the MIT community and friends, started Airflow Kinetics and finished its first large scale unit , a 16 feet tall version in December of 2018. 



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