Kinetic Airflow Sculpture FAQ

What is it?

The Kinetic Airflow Sculpture combines art and science in a 16 feet tall illuminated display containing over 5 million small polystyrene spheres. There is no liquid or water involved, just air!

How Does it Work?

A fan in the base drives airflow through the bed of spheres creating what is known in science as a Fluidized Bed. Dampers also control the airflow.

What is a Fluidized Bed?

By forcing air through a bed of particles the particles take on the properties of a liquid with affects such as free flow, bubbling, & boiling.

What Else is Happening?

The little spheres are also tracing the air currents in the column allowing normally invisible air phenomenon such as turbulence, vortices, and eddies to be clearly seen.

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